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[Adjustable] The Black Metal Pot Hold’s Height And Position are Adjustable, Provides You More Options to Organize Pots with Different Sizes. Great pots and pans organizer under cabinet. [Large Storage Capacity] This height and position adjustable pot holders store up to 9 frying pans, sauce pans, griddles or pots of various sizes. It’s a perfect solution for storing all the pot and pan, saving you lots of space in thekitchen or in cabinet and countertop. [Solid Construction] This pot rack organizer made by heavy duty iron with Spray Painting Process Finished. It’s Very Firm and Elegant. Solid Triangular design which is more stable and less likely to fall. Great pot and pan organizer for cabinet. [TWO Installation Modes] There are two unique designs for installation methods. The pot lid rack coming with 8 adjustable tiers, you can either install 8 tiers on one side of the pan rack or install 4 tiers on both sides of the pan rack. Great pots and pans organizer under cabinet or in cabinet. [Deep U-shaped groove design with removable rubber tube] When this pot holder is used as a lid holder, a special deep U-shaped groove design securely holds the lid in place. In addition, the deep U shape ensures that the small pans/pots remains stable in the tier without slipping, and the removable rubber tube prevents the pan from moving.

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10 reviews for GeekDigg Pot Rack Organizer under Cabinet, 3 DIY Methods, Height and Position are Adjustable 8+ Pots Lid Holder, Black Metal Kitchen Pantry Cookware Organizer (Upgraded Version) Home & Kitchen

  1. Mark F.Mark F.

    My wife got a new set of Cuisinart pots and pans for Christmas to replace our other set that was well past it’s prime. We wanted to make sure we started off storing this set correctly from the start, so after a little bit of Amazon research, I landed on this being the best solution for our budget and our cupboard situation. I have to say, I like being right. We’ve only had it for a few days, but so far so good! I have no complaints about it as of now. It holds almost all of our new 13pc set (all but the large stockpot, which I simply put in front of the rack – see pictures) AND a large saucepan from our previous set that we’re saving. This rack keeps our cabinet organized as well as our new pots and pans in good condition.

  2. SoknotYoungSoknotYoung

    This product is wonderful! 3 options and it makes your pots and pans nicely organized! Getting the racks out was a bit hard but it’s brcause I’m super sore from moving!

  3. Erin PawdgersErin Pawdgers

    Very easy to put together and turned our mess of cupboard into convenient storage. Feel sturdy, like it will last. You can also reconfigure it to lay it on it’s side for lid storage. I’ll probably buy another for that reason!

  4. Tigrezs

    I have a pull out drawer, and so I needed this item to put my pots and pans in. When the item arrived, it was very easy to install. I am a female, and I usually do not read instructions. So, I just got right to it… Took the shelves apart from the packaging, then placed them into my desired slots. They were easy to install, take in and out. The slots are made where there are notches, and you place each shelf as high or as low as you wish. I chose to place shelves on each side as my cabinet is big enough to where I can place it that way. The shelves are so nice! I was able to make some shelves low, some shelves high. Since the design allowed the pots and pans to be on opposite sides, I was able to place a lot of pots and pans into the organizer. In fact, I used two of the slots to place a tall pot and a WOK on top. The designed allowed for all items to fit, in a very sturdy manner. It does not topple. When I have a chance, I will take a picture to show what all I was able to organize. It truly is an ORGANIZER! I organized my items similar to the picture on the Amazon advertisement. Pots/pans on each side of the organizer. I highly recommend this item. I paid full price for it, and I would gladly pay full price again. 🙂

  5. priyankapriyanka

    This organizer is useful to hold pans and utensils. My kitchen doesn’t have enough room so I have not used it on both sides. Easy to assemble and sturdy.

  6. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    We have a bunch of iPads and other tablets and our storage system has been a mess. I ordered this pot rack because it was affordable and can lay horizontal or vertical. I set it up in the vertical configuration because I have a weird dislike of putting things on their edges.The devices are now inside a cabinet that I can lock (if needed)– and they are out of sight and the cords look less cluttered than with our old system (which was to use a USB hub and just plug the devices in and rest them wherever on the floor we could find space.) We had one get stepped on & the glass cracked– yet another reason for me to move everything to a cabinet. I like that I can look in and very easily see what is hooked up to a charger. If I had to do it over again I’d get much shorter cables, but these cables are fine with a rubber band around them to limit their length.My plan is to limit this tower to devices that are compatible with iPad chargers. I’ll do a separate caddy for Kindles and other devices that need different chargers. I also could have set this up in a configuration where I could put devices on each side of the center support, but I think I want to keep the devices more separate because my chargers across devices look so similar.Pros: Super easy to set up (no tools required)- took less that 3 minutes, can lie horizontal or vertical, easy to customize height of racks, good airflow around devices, easy to grab the devices in and out of the rack, appears to be well-made & sturdy, no chips in the paint.Cons: I haven’t found a way to order more “shelves”– I’d need to order a whole new rack if I wants to put racks on the other side of this. Colors are limited- just comes in black (would have preferred white). The instructions that came with the shelf had a bunch of spelling & grammatical errors, but it was easy enough to figure out.Overall impression: I’m kicking myself for not buying this years ago.

  7. Cheshire CatCheshire Cat

    My pots and pans and glass dishes were a mess, always avalanche. We put this in and now it’s alot easier to get what I want. My husband did give it a brace so it wouldn’t move. It fits perfectly sideways with the post between the doors so I can use both sides. I even have room in front for a few small items! We have our larger pot (pasta not stock) and our glass casserole dishes in it without any problems. I like how easy it is to change the heights of the bars to make it fit what we have.

  8. Jessica

    This pot rack was better quality than I thought it would be. It worked perfect. Definitely helped organize the cabinet of pots and pans. Made a cluttered mess into an organized functional space. Would recommend it to anybody.When I need a skillet (pan) I pull one out in a matter of seconds versus. It left plenty of room for my pots to stay to the right. You could not even see the bottom of my cabinet before. Thanks again for a good product

  9. M . . .M . . .

    This organizer is amazing. I bought two. On the left side I used the double-sided tier. On the right side I used a single tiered approach. Both are sturdy and easy to assemble. I liked that in the box you have black slits of rubber to make sure the pans don’t slide. The instructions do not list them nor does it tell you how to use them; however, that’s what my husband came up with! It works for me. I’m ordering a couple more for my baking pans and Casserole dishes!

  10. AmazonCusttmmer

    I bought this clever little pot rack to clear up rack space and effortlessly get to my pots.Since this rack is smaller and decent looking, I draped it before my kitchen window ledge. (It fits impeccably.)Also, in spite of the fact that this rack is quite strong if the pots are hung equally, I secured an additional support so when hanging or getting any pots,the rack wouldn’t knock my kitchen window.I give this thing five stars since it’s EXACTLY as imagined and portrayed. What’s more, at an awesome cost!(In case you’re hoping to get a tremendous, rock solid, five-star eatery roof mount cookware rack, this is the one

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